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Supercharge your finances

With the development of the TahpIn app we offer you a solution to a better understanding of your financial self while passively reducing debt and improving income through:

  • Gamed Learning
  • Automations
  • Goals Setting
  • And Rewards 

Perk up your habits

Isn’t it time to take control of your habits back? Tap-in and learn to develop better spending and saving habits as we curate financial growth through our engaging platform that will show you how simple it is to change the way you spend and save. Don’t forget your rewards!

Level up your financial insights

We provide you with the right insights that will help you grow.
Monthly Subscription

This insight identifies all subscriptions paid by a user in the prior month.

Top Merchant Spending

This insight shows users what merchants they spent the most non-essential money on in the previous month.

Spending Summary

This insight provides users with a summary of total non-essential expenses from the previous weekend grouped by category.

Savings Opportunity

This insight tests a user's projected cash position on a monthly basis and notifies the user when extra cash may be available for savings.

Cost of Living to Income

This insight encourages users to have emergency savings beyond an initial $1000. It suggests how much users need to save in order to be covered for few months.

Debt Payment Reminder

This insight notifies users of an upcoming payment for a liability account so they don't miss it and get charged a fee. This will help with account management.

Epic quests that's are so rewarding

Are you in debt and having trouble getting out of debt? Battle your debt with saving challenges that are engaging and rewarding and easy to manage as you save towards your future goals

Tap-in to our community

Today’s economy is changing, and we as a community need each other more and more. Tap in and find out just how easy it is to achieve your goals 

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What is a Scalable Interest Rate ?

A scalable interest rate is an interest rate in the Tahpin environment that grows as you level up:

example – a user at level 1 has a base interest rate of 0.75% and progress to level 20 where their interest rate has now grown to 1%

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