We level up your lifestyle, no matter where you are financially

$0 MONTHLY Pricing

Beginner lv1+

Start learning and grow your potential. Start an essential growth account with a free account. A service charge with a max of $5 monthly service charge may apply. Base points rate @10 points to every dollar

$0 MONTHLY Pricing

Intermediate lvl20+

Launch forward as you access additional points rates up to 5 points and plan for the future with additional budgeting tools, start lending and leverage additional income

$34 MONTHLY Pricing

Lifemaster lvl50+

Power up with a professionally managed account for $34 monthly. Automate your cash flow, access expert advisors, build your clan and earn more. Addition points rate up to 10 points

*The applicable tier points applies to every dollar in the tier. All rates and pricing are subject to change at any time and only reflect the current date.

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